The Arados Arsenal AA-40 Qut Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle is a Kyrenaian APC and Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle in service with the Sultan's Navy and the Armies of the Five Deserts. It is fully airportable, amphibious, NBC-protected and capable of carrying up to 10 fully armed soldiers (the standard rifleman section of the Kyrenaian Armed Forces is eight men strong). A few demiliterized examples were built for the Special Police Forces.

Starting from 2016, the Qut was supplemented by the Djinn Universal Combat Platform.


- smoke grenade launchers


  • ARV/APC: Standard Version, usually referred to as the AA-40.
  • Mortar Carrier:
  • Command Vehicle:
  • Mobile Workshop:
  • Logistics Vehicle:
  • Battlefield Ambulance:
  • Missile Tank Destroyer:
  • AA-Canon Vehicle:
  • Quba Air Defense Complex.
  • Cop Tank: The demiliterized vehicles for the Police Special Forces.

Service History

Introduced in 1980, the Qut

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