Arbhar House, near Ironcastle, is a house belonging to the Banphrionsa-Family, including the land belonging to it, namely around 7,500 square-kilometres. It is under the stewardship of Gwen Banphrionsa's oldest son, Tyran Banphrionsa.


Famous guests


Arbhar-House Map

Arbhar House on the map, six kilometres from Ironcastle, at the edge of the Silver Mountains. The estate itself is not shown.

Arbhar House is six kilometres away from Ironcastle, reachable by a good road, which is also used by the land-users, which mostly deliver to Ironcastle and the surrounding villages. Silverport is a stone's throw away as well.

The estate goes into the Silver Mountains themselves, including several smaller creeks and rivers.

Land Usage

While large tracts of the 7,500 square kilometres are unused and/or wildlife preserve, usually traversed by hikers and day trippers, around 2,500 square kilometres are actively used for forestry and, in some cases, for agriculture, amongst them several apple orchards. A small mine digging for iron is also part of the land.



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