The Selkie Wiki

Weight: 4.1 kg

Materials: Ceramic scales, woven into a glass fibre textile, double layered

Performance standard: Type III

The Armour, Personal, Model 2014 is a call-back to the traditions of the Selkie, a scale armour much like in the ancient days, before steel plates were forged. The high-impact resistant scales are designed to stop rifle fire, protecting the torso against many bullets and shrapnel, while shoulder pads provide protection for the otherwise bare shoulders.
The whole system is flexible and comfortable to wear, unlike comrades of fixed plates, but heavier then those, which most wearers didn't seem to mind.

Due to its enourmous cost and difficulty in production, only the Great Woods Rangers were equipped with these personal armours initially, while most troops underwent training. For Operation Spartacus, the infantry elements of the 18th Maor-Regiment were re-equipped.

Kyrenaian Counterpart: Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour.