Directed data-transmission, data sharing by direct line of sight, around 40 kilometres due to the transmitters being placed on a specialized mast (usually) and horizons. Can be disrupted with a whole lot of difficulty, no one can listen in.

The direct line of sight also requires, that no obstacles are between the transmission stations, which are kept in line by the Type 900. However, this range can be made next to unlimited by hooking up the whole system to a satellite, which can share the data needed without any problems.

Although normal telecommunication satellites can be used for this purpose, Silverport Dockyards Ltd. has made an invitation for bid to a few companies specialized in such things, hoping to be capable of offering a complete system with a specialized satellite by 2018.

The Artio can be connected to major Battlescape Network Systems, but SDY highly recommends reading the manual.

Developed by SDY for SDY-Vessels in Laclan.

Starting 2019, the Fleet Network Modernization Program of the Central Jeffersonian Navy had the CJN replace all of the surface combattants' network systems with the Artio, with the aid of SDY and its engineers. The contract's cost were not disclosed.

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