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Asteria Sclábhaí of the Tribe of Fermanagh is a Selkie-Swordswoman, who was caught during the Saderan Attack on Berlin in 2018, enslaved and subsequently liberated during Operation Spartacus.

After her return to the Free Lands, she joined the ranks of the Marcach with her two short swords.

She has a little sister.


Gladiator and Operation Spartacus

In Sadera, she was enslaved, but "resisted like a captured Star Lynx", as she would later say, being sent to the arena to die there as the captors had enough of her resisting. In the arena, she fought with two short swords, recalling her days with the Younger Militia. Recalling to the Paganism of the Spiorad Ainmhithe, she wore a blue horn on her head, reminding her of an idol of the Shield-Goddess Corva.

After Sadera

In 2020, she was at the Redruth Spring Festival of that year, but not being allowed to fight for the Redruth Sword Cup. Disappointed a bit by that, it did not take much convincing to challenge Llwyd Blaidd, of Tralee Descent to a demonstration fight. Although she lost, she had a blast.


Her time in Sadera, however, changed her completely. Amongst others, she could not see her sister into the eyes anymore.

Personal Relations