Asteria Vena is a Half-Selkie, Half-Lutetiian student of the Iris Boarding School Complex and driver of the Coileáin 's Toirneach Motor Gun Carriage Starrcailann-Dó. She also works in the training of new members.

Her grandfather on her mother's side is Conchobar Ceansaitheoir of the Tribe of Wexford.


Asteria is set to graduate in 2023. After that, she wants to study to become a teacher and to teach at school, preferably middle school.


Asteria is a shy, introverted young woman, mostly due to her being a Half-Lutetiian in Selkie-Lands, which, despite her Selkie-Mother, did not do her many favours. She became shy and hobbies for single-persons, like reading, became her favourite way to pass time for a while.

Nowadays, she spends her time with others, mostly with the other girls of her team, especially her crew is something, which she enjoys quite a lot.

Personal Relations

Her Teammates

Liv was the person, who brought Asteria out of her shyness, simply by sitting down next to her and reading her own books on tanks. In 2015, when they both entered Middle School, it was Liv, who dragged her to the Coileáin and their First Meeting of the New Year. Asteria immediately fell in love with the massive Motor Gun Carriage and Liv was only too happy to follow her newly found friend.

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