Atif Qalb is a Serviceman with the Rural Police in his home-Khanate of Tanin. He is best known as a former student of the Tabar Boys' Academy and Captain of its Horseman Squadron, as well as his relationship with Princess Aurelia bint-Damir from 2017 to 2019.


Atif Qalb was born in 2000 in Bistalnakil, Khanate of Tanin, Ilkhanate of Utica, as the son of the owner of a date tree plantation. He is the oldest of three children, with two little sisters born in 2003 and 2006 respectively. From an early age, he was used to riding, thanks to his father using horses to inspect the trees and taking his son along.

In 2006, he entered elementary school in Bistalnakil, then applied for the Tabar Boys' Academy in 2013. He was taken, although he barely passed the exam. In Utica, he learned to work hard and even harder, both in the ways of studying and in the ways of horsemanship as he joined the Axeriding Team. His teachers say of him, that he was an intelligent young man as a student, but his passion was on horseback.

In 2015, he became Sergeant of the Axeriding Team, in 2016 Leftenant and in 2017 its Captain. During his tenure, he initiated reforms in the team,

He graduated in 2019 and began his Service with the Rural Police in the Khanate of Tanin. He will end his Service in 2021.


- not good with protocol

Personal Relations

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Atif and Aurelia had been in a relationship in 2017. Both knew, from the start, that it was not meant to last, but he still loved and loves her - to the point of it feeling as if someone ripped his heart out of his chest. He wants to see her happy, even if it comes at the price of his own happiness.

Attending diplomatic functions as her neutral date became a pain to him.

Slowly, over 2019, that changed.

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