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The Aurelia is the favourite yacht of Prince Damir ibn-Razia, named in honour of his daughter, built in Cuan as the first vessel of the Aurelia-class Sailing Yachts. She is sometimes picked as the vessel to carry the Prince and his daughter to diplomatic occasions.


Owner's Suite B - Princess Aurelia's Suite

While most of Princess Aurelia's suit is generally according to the specifications laid out to the specifications of SDY, with its own bathroom (including a shower, bathtub, basin, toilet and cupboard), a living room, a bedroom and a small office room with a desk, there are some modifications.

Princess Aurelia had the plans adapted to rearrange the general room structure, with the living room as the centre, a large window front opposite of the door, two doors to the left, one to the right: The one to the right leading into her office, which also includes a small seating group. The one to the right closer to the keel leads into the bathroom, with a direct connection to the room between the outer wall and said bathroom: The Bedroom, which also includes a walk-in wardrobe, but is, due to that, a bit smaller then the one belonging to Owner's Suite A.


Instead of a Majestic-class Boat, the Aurelia usually carries the Harira, Princess Aurelia's Cat Yawl, as a dinghy.

Aft Swimming Platform

Unlike with the normal vessels of this type, where the aft swimming platform is connected to the Promenade Deck via a ladder, the Aft Swimming Platform of the Aurelia is connected to the Promenade Deck by a few stairs. The Platform was used in the past to receive dinghies.


Laid down in 2016 in Beál at the yacht-yards of Bád Industries, a subsidiary of Silverport Dockyards Limited, she was launched in 2017 and commissioned in the same year. Her acquisition abroad urged the Rusadir Yacht Yards to gift Princess Aurelia with the Harira.

In 2018, she was in Sinope for the Sinope 2018 Harbour Festival. The Sultana, with the agreement of her son and her granddaughter, used her to fly her own flag before that honour was given to the Harira for the duration of the Parade, using her to receive important guests, mostly due to the Rashiq, her own yacht, being a motor yacht. For the most important meetings, she got her Granddaughter's Permission to use Owner's Suite B, Aurelia's suite.

In early 2020, she carried a diplomatic delegation to the Empire of Astares Amauricanum as part of the corresponding state visit. The delegation consisted of what one commentator called "Kyrenaia's Diplomatic starting lineup." Prince Damir ibn-Razia and Princess Aurelia bint-Damir formed the core, adding to that were the two couples of Princess Fara bint-Dardan and Commander Abbas Shabaaltay (Commander, Air Group RKN Mirfae, Carrier Group 5, RKN) as well as Prince Elian ibn-Sarah and Razia Wasima (musician). Along for the ride were parts of the Handmaiden-Corps, including Saida Adib (Handmaiden to Princess Fara), Sarina Eahira (Handmaiden to Princess Aurelia), Tara Harir (Handmaiden to Prince Damir) and Fadwa Madan (Handmaiden to Prince Elian).

Later that year, the yacht carried Prince Damir ibn-Razia and Princess Yasmin bint-Atif on their honeymoon trip at the 2020 Festival of Holy Light in the UIS, accompanied by Princess Aurelia bint-Damir and her Sand Wolf Aldhiyb.