Aurora Alce, also known as Il Fanciulla is a Lutetiian Student from Alto Mare. In 2018, she was part of the 2018 School Year of the Redford Academy for Young Ladies. Sometime after her return home, Aurora joined the LCN as an apprentice to Silvio Esecutore, the Chief-Executor.


Aurora was born in 2000 to Capitano Luigi Alce of the Confederated Coast Guard, and his wife, in Alto Mare. Her mother works in the library of the Imbarco del Grande Guardiano, the Boarding School of the Great Guardian, and thus managed to get her a place there after her father stayed at sea in 2010 (his vessel, the Zampa del Lupo, was damaged in a storm, he being washed off the vessel and probably drowning).

In 2002, his vessel was the first vessel of the Confederated Coast Guard to visit the Free Lands since the Second Vellenge War. There, he told a few officers of the SDF-Navy during small talk, that he had a little daughter (Aurora), them pooling money to buy a Guarding Fox Plushie, which she has to this day. He's called Ruvido.

Her educational career was unassuming (which was one of the reasons for her to go to Kuronami), with her excelling in mathematics and sciences, while managing in languages and sports, while she is not good in social sciences like History.

She once wanted to, after graduation, study astronomy and astrophysics, but that was before she, by coincidence, found out, that she was better suited for being a businesswoman. She became the apprentice of her father's old acquaintance Silvio Esecutore, who she knew from the start to be a member and Enforcer of the LCN.

In 2019, she attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival.

Later in the same year, she was involved in the Activities in Port Ember of Selkie and Lutetian Companies, representing the Casa di Commercio dei Viticoltori a Fortezza and, unofficially, the LCN. She used the chance to see a bit of the country and was contacted by Johnny Azula,


Personal Relations

Aurora Alce

During her student days, around 2017.

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