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Automated Mining Complex 81-57-83, or AMC 81-57-83 for short, is one of the remnants of the Cwachgweni Empire, harkening back to their hay days. The name is a reference to the stellar coordinates of the location of deployment of the complex as seen from the Cwachgwenyn-System.

AMC 81-57-83 is controlled by an AI-core, which, in the almost five millenia since the construction and commissioning of the complex, may or may not have turned mad (it has). The core adopted the name Kusurukirwa for herself.

The entire complex is very, very old, but also quite powerful.



AMC 81-57-83 is an orbital industrial complex, which is roughly comparable to the orbital stations of planets like Syryffio, though far more advanced, far more specialized and far larger.

Mining and Refining Facilities

Shipyards and factories

The shipyards and factory complexes are capable of producing crafts and material identified and categorized as:

  • Type 1 Cwachgweni Ore Hauler
  • Type 2 Cwachgweni Defense Boat
  • Type 3 Cwachgweni Escort Ship
  • Type 4 Cwachgweni Destroyer
  • Type 5 Cwachgweni Starfighter
  • Type 6 Cwachgweni Bomber
  • Type 7 Cwachgweni Infantry Bot
  • Type 8 Cwachgweni Mobile Ground Unit
  • Type 9 Cwachgweni Landing Craft
  • Type 10 Cwachgweni Repair and Construction Drone
  • Type 11 Cwachgweni Defense Satellite
  • Type 12 Cwachgweni Heavy Defense Satellite
  • Type 13 Cwachgweni Heavy Infantry Bot
  • Type 14 Cwachgweni Light Mech Unit
  • Type 15 Cwachgweni Heavy Mech Unit
  • Type 16 Cwachgweni Light Cruiser
  • Type 17 Cwachgweni Cruiser-Carrier
  • Type 18 Cwachgweni Scout
  • Type 19 Cwachgweni Mothership
  • Type 20 Cwachgweni Light Attack Craft
  • Type 21 Cwachgweni Minelayer
  • Type 22 Cwachgweni Minesweeper
  • Type 23 Cwachgweni Yacht
  • Type 24 Cwachgweni Heavy Defense Boat
  • Type 25 Cwachgweni Assault Ship
  • Type 26 Cwachgweni Prowler
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In addition to these, the factories can produce any craft or material, provided there are sufficient ressources available and the plans are stored within the databases. Time is needed to reequip the production lines. However, the station's AI is incapable of improving upon the designs on its own, it needs outside data and impetus.

As far as Cwachgweni Imperial Designs go, AMCs like 81-57-83 are hard-coded to be unable to produce heavy warships (above light cruiser size) and weapons of mass destruction.

Habitable Areas

AI-Core: Kusurukirwa

For communication with the outside world, Kusurukirwa can use one of many android bodies to be crafted in a specialized production line. The bodies are capable of acting autonomously if the signal to the station is lost. Kusurukirwa usually chooses an appearance of the race of the people she is going to communicate with and usually analyzes the radio signals of nearby worlds to seek an appearance, which the people she is communicating with may or may not find optically appealing.

The term Kusurukirwa in the ancient language of the Cwachgweni means lonely.