Ava Cummann of the Tribe of Waterford is a student in Silverport and currently the only staffer of the Cabhair Group, doing this work part-time.


Ava is a seventeen year old young woman. Still a bit inexperienced with the other gender, but quite open, carefree and happy, never having a bad mood. She is good in school, not excellent due to her inability during bilogy and chemistry classes. Ava is a rather successful swordfighter for her age class, having won a few cups by now.

Her family are merchants, especially her father.

Not exactly rich by foreign standarts, they have quite a fortune for Selkie-standarts. Eighteen freighters and five other ships, as well as ten warehouses under his name, mostly making deals with a few selected companies to deliver their goods to their waiting customers.

She has three siblings, two older brothers quite distant to her and an older sister, Celina, who she adores and gets adored.

Her parents love their children, especially her mother. Merchants, both of them, quite busy with it, but always with open ears for their children. Her father is a bit of a Papa Bear, but her mother is a full-fledged Mother Wolf. She leaves the threats to her husband, though, ready to light the world on fire to keep her children safe. She also takes care of Mion and Maorga, the two pets. Both of them are Guarding Foxes, one male, the other female. They see Ava and Celina as their young, so to speak.

In 2012/2013, she made a foreign Semester with her school, attending the HGA. As part of the Horsearchery Squadron, she got to know Princess Aurelia bint-Damir and Princess Dschamilla bint-Fadi, both of which she stayed in contact with.

Early in 2017, she joined the Cabhair Group as one of the very few staffers of the charity group. She graduated High School in 2018 and began her studies of Economics at the University of Leuda, with a foreign semester planned for 2020.


Personal Relations


Celina Cumann of the Tribe of Waterford

Ava adores her big sister above all else,

Cabhair Group

Ava and the Cabhair Group is a relationship, that goes back to her older sister: With her sister joining the Group to raise funds for the education of children in war zones, Ava, too, saw the need to help the poor children and to give them a chance. Motivated by that, she asked Fiona Banphrionsa for a way, in which she could help - she replied jokingly, that she could take care of a pile of paperwork.

Ava did, much to Fiona's amazement, without hesitation and quite quickly, too.

From there, it was sealed: Ava would join the Cabhair Group as its first staffer, giving the organization a way to deal with its paperwork, and giving her, who she searched for a purpose in life, one on which she was proud.

(That it also made her parents and sister proud was an added bonus.)

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