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Aynur bint-Tiana is the current Ilkhana of Megido and mother to Prince Okan ibn-Dardan, Princess Fara bint-Dardan and Princess Fadia bint-Dardan. She is married to Dardan, Ilkhan of Megido.

In 2013, following the death of her mother, she took over the administrative duties of the Khanate of Las as regent for her younger cousin Dilara bint-Samira until she has finished her Service in 2021.


Aynur was born in 1970 as the eldest daughter of Khana Tiana bint-Fara, the Khana of Las, and would have had an unassuming childhood, if not, from a very early age, her strong will and stubbornness showed quite heavily. With 13, she was sent to attend the Al-Khansa Girls' Academy in Megido, where the proud girl actually and actively refused to be part of her Academy's Tribute, instead joining the Fencing Team, specialzing in the sabre.

During one of the tournaments, she got to know a young Prince Dardan, who was around her age... and hated his living guts. On the other side, Dardan fell in love with the young woman, who not only gave him a good fight, but also won. The two of them developed a fierce rivalry, which peaked in 1987: During a tournament, the two made a bet. If Dardan won, she would go out with him, if she won, he would leave her alone.

He fought as if his life depended on it and despite him loosing, she asked him for a date, deeply impressed by his fighting spirit, falling in love with him and marrying him during the summer. Needless to say, that later in the same year, Prince Okan ibn-Dardan was born.

Married life, like their respective parents had it, was vastly different, as the two of them found out quite early, but they winged it. In 1991, their first child, Okan, was diagnosed with Alström Syndrome, the news hitting shortly after the birth of their daughter Fara. In 2000, Fadia joined the little family.


Aynur is a strong-willed woman,

Personal Relations

Her Family

She often jokes, that her children got her husband's looks, but her intelligence.

She always was critical of Fara's boyfriend Aceus, but after the incident of her getting stabbed in 2018 while on his watch, her criticism reached new heights of anger. She personally was always a fan of Prince Karim ibn-Fadi, of the Ilkhanate of Fenchu.