Beyeha Fadwa Faris is a Kyrenaian Businesswomen, CEO of Surya Corporation and philanthropist.


- A Duchess in the Desert.

During the Sinope 2018 Harbour Festival, she played a role in organizing the stay of the Shamsiyyan vessel SFSS Malika Aljazirat in the Small Basin, all in a move to bewitch Yenikonya Dockyards a bit.


Faris is a businesswoman through and through, but  Once she has a grudge against a person, Faris will not stop until that person is destroyed in gruesome ways.

She takes her philanthropic work very seriously.

Personal Relations

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Princess Aurelia and Faris has a tense relationship with each other, mainly due to the two of them being mighty and headstrong women clashing. While they can hold civilized conversation, they do love their verbal jabs at each other - and not in front of the press.

At some point, she tried to match Princess Aurelia with her second-oldest son, Khalid Faris.

While some, like Aurelia father Prince Damir ibn-Razia, are of the opinion, that Faris wants to destroy Aurelia, Faris has no such interest and never had. She wants to pick her apart piece by piece and then watch her crumble.

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