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Bicíní Industries is one of the major clothes production companies in the Free Lands, specialized in uniformed clothing, swimsuits and sports clothing, as well as parts of the Foreign Dress (as the Selkie call it).

Seat of Bicíní Industries is in Launceston, more precisely Cosán House, with factories in Déantóir and Scilly. Current CEO is Finnegan Drisiúr of the Tribe of Cork with Eithne Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Monaghan as his co-boss. They also have a large pool of models.


First Years

Bicíní Industries is older then its name: Founded in 1936 as the Wool Manufacturing Company of Launceston (WMCL), the young company made good use of the widely available wool on the icy Northern Shore, producing warm utility clothing for the miners and diggers and shepherds, as well as more sophisticated designs for the schools requiring uniforms, the first amongst them being the Caora High School in Launceston.

Very early in its history, WMCL experimented with Foreign Dress and its application amongst the Selkie, clothing the first Formal Ambassadorial Mission to Kyrenaia in suit and tie amongst other things in 1939, coinciding with the Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian.

Two officers of the SDF-Army, Major Marla Éan of the Tribe of Cork and Finnegan Dóire of the Tribe of Sligo, in Blue Dress.

One of the first big orders of Bicíní Industries was of the SDF in 1941, which, as a sign of the SDF growing together, ordered a unified set of uniforms, namely a Blue Dress, a Service Uniform and a Camouflage Uniform (later being rolled into one, the Service Uniform) for both the SDF-Army and the SDF-Navy.

The Blue Dress of the SDF-Army, based on the Dresses of Selkie-Horsemen in Mercenary Services of [Insert Random Dude Here] as the Blue Guard in the 18th and 19th centuries, was a resounding success with the wearers, soon becoming iconic for the SDF-Army. Their Service Uniforms were well-received as well.

The same could not be said for the Blue Dress of the SDF-Navy, but the troops got used to them (and the hats, as those were seen as best used to light a fire). Their service uniforms were received much more fondly, especially the overcoats.

This was the beginning of a long-lasting cooperation as the Flight Suits of SDF-Army and SDF-Navy were produced by Bicíní Industries as well.

New Names, new designs

In 1946, the fashion designer Louis Réard invented the Bikini, a piece of clothing, that was supposed to blast the minds of those wearing and seeing it as much as the nuclear weapons tests blasted the Bikini Atoll - the first company to produce Bikinis in the Free Lands was Bicíní, near the end of the year 1946, adapting the name into Selkie and renaming itself to its current name: Bicíní Industries.

In 2015, Bicini Industries began to work together with the Hammacker Motorenwerke of Teressien, making the fashion and the models for both their cars and their motorcycles.

In 2019, BI invited the feminist group Cumann mBalógban to design clothes, settling their fights by simply showing, what they had in mind to stop BI's sexual objectification. CmB answered by dresses inspired by traditional fashion from Zaijia. In 2020, these dresses performed well on the market, including in Port Arthur.


It is a long-standing tradition of the Ambassador Groups to first approach Bicíní Industries for their newest design, when the Geansai is not seen as appropriate. Amongst the most successful products of the last years are the jerseys of the Foireann, the Free Lands' national football team.

Cosán House