The Binn Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team, a.k.a. the Seabhac, is the Sensha-Do Team of the Binn Boarding School Complex near Launceston. Much like its two local competitors, the Naval School Sensha-Do Team and the Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team, it is specialized in Cold War Era Equipment.

It was founded in 1993. Commander-in-Chief is Kayla Cuach of the Tribe of Wicklow, as well as her mother Ava Cuach of the Tribe of Wicklow. Since 2019, the Seabhac maintains a small Historic Fleet, based on donations by Kayla Cuach of the Tribe of Wicklow.


Current Starting Grid

I. Squadron - Spardrí-Squadron


Crew of Spardrí-Aon (from left, Siana Leibhéalta of the Tribe of Antrim, Filicia Sábháilte of the Tribe of Cavan, Caja Clamhán of the Tribe of Fingal and Morgane Draíocht of the Tribe of Galway) with Head Mechanic Aífe Draoi of the Tribe of Wexford (far right).

II. Squadron - Fabhcún-Squadron

II. Squadron is also the main subject of the novel The Wolf-Falcons by Fabhcún-Aon's gunner Asteria Cleite.

III. Squadron - Mushusshu-Squadron


Crew of Mushusshu-Aon, from left: Brenda Oighearshruth of the Tribe of Kildare, Rona Sliabh of the Tribe of Cork, Pina Ualach of the Tribe of Fingal, Meave Carn of the Tribe of Fermanagh and Viola Cruach of the Tribe of Laois.

IV. Squadron - Caomnach-Squadron

The IV. Squadron, or Caomnach-Squadron, mostly exists to fulfill the Team's requirements for the Younger Militia, a squadron of support vehicles both for disaster relief and for own support. As usual for Selkie-Tankery Teams, the core of the capabilities are the Colúr-Tankettes.

Historic Fleet

The Historic Fleet came into being with donations by Kayla Cuach of the Tribe of Wicklow, who acquired a number of vintage tanks in Port Ember.

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