Blue Mudskipper

A Blue Mudskipper in its natural habitat.

The Blue Mudskipper, or Iascasi, is a walking fish endemic to the Free Lands. The Blue Mudskipper is the heraldic animal of the Cult of Lodan Lir.


Calling the riverbanks, lakeshores and swamps of the Free Lands their home, the little Blue Mudskippers are sometimes a nuisance, sometimes cute, but mostly just there.

Some agressive fish like to eat the Mudskippers and a few recipies are known among the Selkie as well, but mostly they are left alone by both nature and humans, for they are masters at hiding and very fast when discovered, especially in water. They are also very protective of their offspring, so expect to get a good whack on your nogging when accidentaly discovering a nest.

The Blue Mudskipper is also known to sometimes raid unguarded picnic baskets and other food stocks by the waterline and a bit inland, so that many Selkie set up a small 'offering' (so its name) when they stay at a river or lake. They don't do it in swamps, however.



Notable Specimens

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