The Braccio B-26 Interceptor is a single-engine fleet interceptor and fighter-bomber in service with the Lutetiian Navy and other forces from 1943 to 1965, especially forming the backbone of carrier-based operations. They replaced the Cellule Repubblicane CR-15 Gabbiano Fighter-Bomber.

To this day, they enjoy a cult-following amongst hobby-pilots, stunt-pilots and warbird-enthusiasts.



The B-26 was armed with, in version B-26-III, was armed with two 23 millimetre autocannons and four 8mm machine guns. In addition to that, up to 500 kilograms of bombs could be carried on one hardpoint under the fuselage (it could also hold a heavy rocket), as well as up to ten light rockets under the wings.

Service History

In direct competition with its contemporaries, it proved superior to the Sinaljanah S-630 Alzawjiu Heavy Fighter Aircraft, but a match for the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-109 Tayrih Fighters of the RKN and the Taebith T-212 Nasim Fighters and the Taebith T-226 Alsyfaqus Fighterbombers of the RKA. Against the Sciathán Léachtóir Fighters, the B-26 were evenly matched as well.

The B-26 would be outmatched by the first jet aircraft.

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