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The Briach Destillery, with seat in Carrick near Inis, is the most known and esteemed whiskey destillery in the Free Lands.

The Master-Brewer of the destillery is Tyran Tabharthóir of the Tribe of Clonmel.


The Briach Destillery was founded in 1827, using barley grown along the shores of the Silver Bay and shipped up the Sochma River to brew a whiskey for the cattle-herders and miners of the Silver Mountains further upstream. It was not the first destillery in the area,


Lower-End Market

  • Briach Single Malt: Made of Barley
  • Briach Wheat Whiskey: Made of Wheat
  • Briach Grain Whiskey: Made of Barley

Higher End Market

  • Briach Reserve: Known as the finest whiskey ever produced by Selkie-Hands, the Briach Reserve is a single pot still whiskey matured for 15 years in oaken casks, made of trees cut in the heart of the Great Woods, made in the Grand Destillery of a mash of malted and unmalted barley, the result of the process remaining pure and neither coloured nor otherwise changed except being diluted from the around 80 percent alcohol by volume of the resulting raw whiskey to around 40 percent alcohol by volume. Triple destilled, this whiskey has a spicy bristle and thick texture, utilizing the taste of the materials used, its colour being a dark amber.
  • Briach Granny Water, matured for 25 years.

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