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The Briseorumar Anti-Tank Missile System is a fire-and-forget Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launch System, developed for the SDF as a manportable and vehicle-mountable weapon against enemy Main Battle Tanks. Development started in 1999 and resulted in a finished product being handed to the SDF-Army in 2019. Due to its extensive costs (including due to delays in development), the SDF does not plan to have this system replace the smaller (and cheaper) AT-Weapon, Unguided, Model 1972, but plans for the or the Briseorumar to replace the Smeagh Anti-Tank Missile System.

The weapon was mounted on the Sionnach-II Armoured Personnel Carrier to create the Sio-II Anti-Tank Missile Carrier. An upgrade to the Creachadóir Heavy Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle is currently in development.


Designed as a modular universal system designed to take on any enemy target, but especially Main Battle Tanks, the Briseorumar Anti-Tank Missile System utilizes a laser-beam riding missile to guide its missile into a target. The target, meanwhile, can be painted using a laser designator, either the one mounted by the launch tube or carried by infantry.

The assembly of tripod, designator and launch tube, as well as ammunition, can be carried by as few as two men (the SDF-Army's Anti-Tank Teams are three men), which can set the system up within one minute and have it ready to fire from that moment.


The missiles of the Briseorumar Anti-Tank Missile System are 160 mm in diameter, but have a wingspan of 460 mm, said wings unfolding after the launch. The missile itself is 1.1 meter long, 1.21 meter while within its tube. The whole assemblage weighs between 29 and 33 kilograms. At daytime, the system can engage enemies as close as 100 meters and as far away as ten kilometers.

The Missiles for the Briseorumar Anti-Tank Missile System are delivered in four main variants:

  • Stílín Mark I: Standard thermobaric warhead designed against soft targets and lightly armored targets.
  • Stílín Mark II: 152 mm HEAT tandem warhead with the capability to penetrate between 1,000 and 1,300 mm of RHA after ERA or up to 3.5 meters of concrete.
  • Stílín Mark III: Blast Fragmentation Warhead.
  • Stílín Mark T: Training Variant designed to detect mishandling and then releasing paint (the SDF uses bright yellow) to show, that the missile was mishandled.

All missiles are designed with an automatic target tracker, turning the system into a fire-and-forget weapon, which also allows for the launch vehicle to fire salvoes to overwhelm Active Protection Systems via saturation. Said tracker can also be effective employed against enemy aircraft and drones.

All anti-tank missiles for the Briseorumar Anti-Tank Missile System are equipped with top-attack capability, meaning, that shortly before hitting the target, the missile will go up and bent down, slamming into the target top-down.

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