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The Cailímsire Restaurant is one of the two student-run restaurants on the grounds of the Iris Boarding School Complex. Together with their competitors of the Lámdénta Restaurant, they enjoy widespread success within the Complex and, to some extend, outside of it.

The Cailímsire Restaurant cooperates with the Seaming Club and the Conservatory Club.


During the 2020 State Visit of President Flemming of Lillorainen to the Free Lands, the delegation had dinner at the Cailímsire Restaurant on Day 2's evening.


The Cailímsire Restaurant is at the center of the Iris Village,


Iouna Meirdra of the Tribe of Cork in uniform.

Students working there are required to wear uniforms, either maid uniforms or butler uniforms. These uniforms are designed and tailored with the help of the Seaming Club, which makes every uniform a specially tailored unique specimen.

They do, however, follow certain guidelines: For instance, the skirt is not allowed to be shorter then knee-length.