The Cailleach-class Light Cruiser was a class of Light Cruisers or larger destroyers built and operated by the SDF-Navy. They were, with 34 knots and 40 knots during trials, amongst the fastest ship of their time. They were all named in honour of minor Goddesses and Gods of the Selkie-Pantheon.


Built as a flagship for sloop-squadrons, fleet combattant, minelayer, escort vessel and convoy raider, Cailleach-class Light Cruiser was built with the most advanced technologies of the day incorporated into them, including a very early radar set (which was later replaced by more advanced systems), welded hull, a new armour scheme, more anti-air armament as aircraft began to play a bigger and bigger role in naval warfare, a more streamlined hull and powerful diesel engines to achieve her incredible maximum speed of 40 knots during trials.

A very good sea boat, which did not suffer from lee helm like the Rhiannon-class did, she was also highly maneuverable.

The Vessels

Under the 1922 Naval Armament Programme, the SDF planned the acquisition of three vessels of Heavy Cruiser size, but the Heavy Cruiser Programme fell due to budget constrains and failure to find a shipyard willing or capable of building said cruisers, the SDF-Navy decided to build a vessel intermediate between the sloops in service since the 20s and the Rhiannon-class Light Cruisers - these became the Cailleach-class Light Cruisers, of which nine were built.

SDFS Cailleach

SDFS Borvo

SDFS Searc

The third ship of the class was SDFS Searc, named in honour of the Goddess of Love.

Her service history was marked with patrols, and, in quite a few cases, collisions, "kissing" on average one ship every two years, mostly ending with damages to the paintjobs. This brought her the reputation of being the SDF-Navy's Number One Kisser. She was updated a few times during her career and put out of commission in the 70s, scrapped in the late 70s.


SDFS Boann

SDFS Bebhion

SDFS Tigernmas

SDFS Cailb

SDFS Aeval

Commissioned in 1935, SDFS Aeval quickly ascended to the position of flagship of the 1st Patrol Gunboat Squadron and led her through Operation Spriocearcaitheoir, from 1942 to 1948. In 1946, while her vessels were under refit back home, she undertook a dangerous cruise to Lutetii to repatriate the crew of the submarine Squalo and prevented a war between the Free Lands and Lutetii.

SDFS Aeval was scuttled as an artificial reef in 1979 in the Oileánra-Archipelago near the Duo, close to Tearmann Island.


Of Ships and Girls and Shipgirls


SDFS Searc.

SDFS Searc makes an appearance in Of Ships and Girls and Shipgirls, being the first ship sunk in an air attack after screwing up terribly.
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