Caja Glór of the Tribe of Laois is a singer, carver and Arcane Servant to Abhcan.

In 2019, she stepped down as Ambassador of the Selkie, citing a refocus on her art as a reason. Behind the scenes, however, she was still reeling from the Attack on the Liberation Day Celebrations in Berlin in 2018, which led to Operation Spartacus.


- had been accused of an inappropriate relationship, nearly ended her career

- 2018: Was at the Liberation Day Celebrations in Berlin, when they were attacked.

- 2019: Stepped down as Ambassador of the Selkie, replaced by Liliane Lile of the Tribe of Fermanagh, stayed in touch.


She loves ice cream.

Personal Relations

Ayden Tine of the Tribe of Wicklow

- more like a brother

Mhairi Maighdean of the Tribe of Kildare

- good relation, fellow musicians, recruited at the same time

- had fun performances together

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