Caja Rois of the Tribe of Fermanagh is a man seller of the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited and


Caja was born in Fortham in 1993 into a family of merchants, who work for the Merchant Guild, being a part of the administration. She had a happy and nice childhood, joined the Younger Militia and became an instructor as a Young Adult/High Schooler.

She graduated in 2012.

From there, her path seemed pre-destined: Join the Guild, get a nice job, be happy, find a husband, be happier, get many little children, be even happier and be happiest ever after - she had other plans. Instead of joining the administration like her parents, she became an active merchant, joining Gabha as a seller, but discovered in 2016, that she suffered from something, which was called the Orlov Syndrome, describing a condition of people believing, that regular arms dealing was much more thrilling then it actually was.

At first quite confused as to what to do, she asked her acquaintance and superior Fiona for help in 2017, who sent her off to the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited, which she joined the following year - and from there, she went.

Worked into the merchandise, she went abroad for Mangaire for the first time within a few months, Port Ember being her first big occasion for her new company. She knows Kiana and likes her, but to which extend remains to be seen.

In 2019, she and Kiana went to Port Ember for business and pleasure.


Personal Relations

Kiana Rúisc of the Tribe of Waterford

She likes her.

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