Caja Storholm of the Tribe of Tipperary is a half-Selkie, half-Lillo student of the Iris Boarding School Complex and chief mechanic of its Sensha-Do Team.


Caja was born in 2002 in Launceston to a family of businesspeople. Her father, who was from Lillorainen, works for Bicíní Industries as a department head for their business with and in Lillorainen. Her mother was a housewife but fell ill with lung cancer in 2005.

In 2007, Caja took the entrance exam into the Iris Boarding School Complex, her parents wishing her to go there as her mother became bedridden. She passed with semi-flying colours. In 2008, she began the Elementary Student Years, being immediately drawn to the Coileáin. However, as the Sensha-Do did not take Elementary Schoolers, she was left to admire them from afar and to sneak close to them during presentations, exhibitions, pre- and aftershow parties and so on.

In 2013, freshly a Middle Schooler, she applied to join the team as a mechanic, being accepted on probation, during which she proved herself more then once. She was allowed to join as a full member later that year. During her first year, she had a crush on the Team's Captain, who was graduating that year. She continued on and on and worked herself up the ranks, first of Responsible Mechanic, then as the Head Mechanic for II. Squadron before, in 2018, Caja was made Chief Mechanic of the entire team upon becoming a High Schooler.

Caja is set to graduate in 2021.


Caja is extremely talented when it comes to 'finicky things', mechanics and mechanism of all sorts, the maintenance and repair of them coming to her almost naturally.

She wants to, one day, see her father's homeland.

Personal Relations

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