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The Calender of Festivals of the Selkie marks important ocassions with a festival, both to honour the Gods and to have fun along the way. Many of the dates are marked by specific celestial happenings, for example the Spring Equinox marking the day of the Spring Festival.

The Year's Festivals

To teach kids the most important festivals and how one can traverse the Free Lands in nine months, there is an old teaching poem, which was also translated into English for the corresponding language lessons.

It goes:

I celebrate the Spring with you,
On Bunaít's Frozen Shores,
Your hug shall be my source of warmth,
As we observe Cian's Meditations
In the Swamps of the Conall.
To Crarae we come in time for Borvo's Feast,
The Geata's Fortresses we pass
When Aeval's winds blow.
Wembury's Galleys are on our tails
On Amaethon's Holy Day.
Kilanda we pass, when Tigernmas heats the Forge,
Droichid we visit, for Luchta wants his share.
In Shella by the Harvest,
We drink on Taranis and Rhiannon
And stay a few days, where Macha found her hon.
Dumhach is our destination,
But it's not final, for Praise be to Cailleach.
Stay in the North, away from me and my beloved!


  • Spring Festival: Day of the Spring Equinox, usually either the 19th to the 21st of March.
  • Cian's Meditations:
  • Borvo's Feast


  • Amaethon's Holy Day:
  • Tigernmas' Holy Day:
  • Luchta's Feast:


  • Harvest Festival: Day of the Autumn Equinox, usually either the 22nd or 23rd of Septembre.
  • Feast of Taranis and Rhiannon:


  • Cailleach's Feast: On the day of the Winter Solstice, around the 21st of Decembre, the Selkie hold a feast to honour Cailleach, the Weather Goddess of Winter, honouring her presence and then, as she is sated, sent her back home. It's also a chance for families to come together for a hearty feast.