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Caoimhe Barriall of the Tribe of Monaghan, usually preferring to go by the name of Cao, is a Student and Spiorad Ainmhithe, as well as the fraternal twin to Yven Barriall of the Tribe of Monaghan. She has a cousin in Nia Barriall of the Tribe of Monaghan, a Sergeant of the Shieldmaidens.


- began to model in 2010

- plans on becoming a herbalist, like her big role model Macha Taise, of Cork Descent, or maybe a doctor


Honest, good, mischievous to an extend, shipper on deck

Pious, joined the Spiorad-Pagan Cult of Sulias (Medical and Spring Goddess)

Personal Relations

Macha Taise, of Cork Descent

To the old and ancient

Ribín Réamhaibí of the Tribe of Antrim

Ribín and Cao are an odd friendship, mainly because its only a friendship, when both are at work. Otherwise, the two have almost nothing in common and