Caollaidhe Fáscadh of the Tribe of Cork is a Priestess and Captain of the Swordmaidens of Carman Fea, responsible for all matters partaining that Order. She is known as a no-nonsense type of person, as well as an excellent swordswoman and horsewoman, although not registered as a Marcach.



- no nonsense type of person, strict

- has a sweet tooth and loves adorable things

- Dísréad-Fan.

Personal Relations

Mara Urgharda of the Tribe of Fermanagh

To her fellow Captain, and by extension her whole family, Cao has a relatively neutral relationship, bound by streaks of competitiveness, which is happily returned. Some say, that there is a deep-rooted friendship at work.

While Cao herself does not swing that way, she is glad, that her competitor found her love. That, and she finds Rona absolutely adorable.

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