Caollaidhe Saibhir of the Tribe of Wicklow, Cao for friends, is a student of the Iris Boarding School Complex and a member of its Sensha-Do Team, in particular loader of Ronm-Dó, one of the Crogall Amphibious Armoured Vehicles.


Caollaidhe Saibhir of the Tribe of Wicklow was born in 2004 in Inis as daughter of Major Yven Saibhir of the Tribe of Wicklow, who nowadays commands Inis Army Air Field and was, back then, one of the chief instructors for the mechanics of the Gaoth Fighterbomber of the SDF-Army Air Combat Command.

In 2010, Cao tried to apply to the Iris Boarding School Complex, but she did not make the cut. She took the exams again in 2015 and this time, she succeeded, joining the school in time for Middle School. In that time between taking the exams, she discovered Sensha-Do and Tank Sport, becoming a fan of both (she still cheers for Realincse Fánaígh). With her home situation becoming worse and worse, with her parents finally filing a divorce in 2011, Tank Sport and Sensha-Do became her refuge and hold in a world, which seemed to give in to madness. As divorces are frowned upon in Selkie-Society, Cao was ostracised by her friends.

Once she was at the Iris, she immediately set out to join the Coileáin, first as assistant gunner on one of the Toirneach Motor Gun Carriages, then as Gunner, before being assigned to Ronm-Dó in 2017.

Cao is set to graduate in 2023. She plans to make an apprenticeship as a mechanic or to study engineering.


For Cao, Sensha-Do is more then a sport, it's life. As it has been her refuge in her childhood, it became her passion and her way to being respected and having friends, a place to be.

Cao is not a bad student, but she needs to put in a lot of effort into her schoolwork in order to succeed.

Personal Relations

Deirdre, Iuna and Nolly

Cao sees her fellow crew-members as a small family, her friends and comrades.

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