Gníomhaire/Agent Caollaidhe Starrfhiacail of the Tribe of Sligo is an agent of the Ionchoisne, the domestic intelligence and security service of the Free Lands.


Born in 1980 in Forfar to

In 2000, she joined the Ionchoisne, her mentor being Heardread Oiliúnóir of the Tribe of Fermanagh. He, an old veteran of the Yard Crisis, taught her the importance of trusting her gut and less into procedures. Her training was declared finished in 2005, she got into active service.

She attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival.


She personally prefers the Eabhar E-16 Handgun.

Personal Relations

The intelligence and Tyran Tabharthóir of the Tribe of Clonmel

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