Carrier Group 5 is the premier carrier battlegroups of the Sultan's Navy, commanded by Admiral Abbas Lahia. The main port of the Carrier Group is Naval Base Surya.

Disbanded in 1987 with the decommissioning of RKN Hisn (Hisan-class Light Aircraft Carrier), the Group was revived in 2000 with the commissioning of the Hukm-class Aircraft Carrier RKN Qalea, which was transferred away in 2017 - in favour of the launched, but not yet commissioned Mirfae-class Heavy Aircraft Carriers RKN Mirfae and RKN Eanqa.


First Generation (1937-1953)

Second Generation (1953-1987)

Third Generation (2000-2017)

Fourth Generation (2018-today)

Notable officers and men



Command Squadron
RKN Muhit (Easifa-class Command Ship).
RKN Sabrata (Meninx-class Destroyer).
RKN Serdica (Meninx-class Destroyer).
Carrier Squadron 5-1
RKN Mirfae (Mirfae-class Heavy Aircraft Carrier)
RKN Onoba (Meninx-class Destroyer).
RKN Ibossim (Meninx-class Destroyer).
RKN Caralis (Meninx-class Destroyer).
Carrier Squadron 5-2
RKN Eanqa (Mirfae-class Heavy Aircraft Carrier)
RKN Mtarfa (Meninx-class Destroyer).
RKN Abdera (Meninx-class Destroyer).
RKN Carchemish (Meninx-class Destroyer).

Various support ships can be added depending on the needs.

Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian in 1939

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