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This category is for all characters based on deities or other mythological figures, be it from Selkie-Paganism or Kyrenaian Polytheism or whichever religion represented in this Wikia. They will mostly be involved in uncanonical RPs.

Deities and other supernatural beings:
Scahach de Mag Mell, Lodan Lir, Rhiannon, Annann de Nacinnór, Suigne, Manhann, Achall, Nuadhain, Drungha, Talthiu, Cailleach,
Some of the Twelve: Gwelwanna, Dánan, Pláhain, Gwaira

Important Realms and places: Geography of the Arallfyd
Mag Mell: Áthsach Pair,
Mag Mór: Cruithaort, Halls of Heroes


Last Host, Host of a Thousand Banners, Host of the Forests, Host of the Vast Sea, Slinger's Host


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