There are 15 major Tribes of the Selkie, with seats on the Elder Council, and six Lost Tribes, together with a number of Mythical Tribes, which are all listed in this list in random order.

Major Tribes

Tribe Ancestral Lands Current Elder Colours Important Centers Notes
Tribe of Galway Trossach Scilly, Teanga
Tribe of Sligo Eastern Half of the Icy Shore Launceston, Crarae
Tribe of Laois Lake Mór Region, Eastern Banks of the Lake Fort Stone
Tribe of Louth Northern Edges of the Great Woods Seabhcóir, Forfar, Ironcastle
Tribe of Cork South-Western shores of the Silver Bay Silverport, Wembury, Bodmin
Tribe of Tipperary Leuda Island, Emerald Islands, Latios and Latias Islands Leuda
Tribe of Waterford Farpoint Island Traverse
Tribe of Fingal White Cliffs Lodge
Tribe of Antrim South Western Shores of Lake Mór Fortham
Tribe of Cavan Mór-Land between the Corcach and the Stoc Rivers Riverwood, Gaoglann
Tribe of Fermanagh Eastern half of the Baile Bodmin, Creetown, Tipa
Tribe of Kildare Cloch Mountains Riverwood, Forfar
Tribe of Wicklow Western Half of the Icy Shore, Nosey Wadebridge
Tribe of Monaghan South-Eastern Shores of the Silver Bay (a.k.a. the Eornor-Peninsula) Wembury, Perran, Redruth
Tribe of Westmeath Southern periphery of the Silver Mountains, down to the shores of the Silver Bay Ironcastle, Inis

Lost Tribes

Tribe Ancestral Lands Current Elder Colours Important Centers Notes
Tribe of Conn Oileánra-Archipelago Dumhach
Tribe of Wexford Silver Mountains
Tribe of Tralee Great Woods
Tribe of Clonmel Southern Edges of the Great Woods
Tribe of Dundalk Shella-Island, Droichid Island Shella
Tribe of Navan Oileánra-Archipelago Scrín
Tribe of Cefnffordd Great Woods? Mythical Tribe, some Spiorad Ainmhithe claim to be of that Tribe.

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