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The Tribe of Tralee, sometimes also known as the People of Tralee Descent, is one of the Lost Tribes of the Selkie. Originally, they settled at the South-Eastern Edges of the Great Woods, where Bodmin and Creetown are found today.

Many of the Spiorad Ainmhithe are found here, due to the Tribe's History.

Geansai - Gwisgwanaeth

Ceridwen Golau, of Tralee Descent in full Gwisgwanaeth.

The Geansai, the traditional costume called Gwisgwanaeth, of the Tribe of Tralee is made of leather, many different kinds of it, and most of them of from animals living in the Great Woods. They are usually styled like that as well, after these animals. They are often likened to armour or cultic contexts, which is both true, to some extend: According to tales of Branwen Chwilfrydig and Llwyd Blaidd and other Tralees, these dresses were originally costumes of animals, used in services and ceremonies of the Paganism of the Spiorad Ainmhithe. They were also used in 'plays', retelling old stories and tales of the Spiorad.

Warriors of the Tribe of Tralee believed, that the essence of the animal they represented, would go over to them and both increase their skills and their protect them.

They are seen as quite exotic, even amongst the Selkie.

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