Cecilia Umhal of the Tribe of Sligo is an Adult Movie Actress from the Free Lands, who has gained international fame in her genre. Since 2018/2019, she began to expand her portfolio into less adult movies, following up on a number of supporting roles in Marla. She is under contract by the Gníomhaireacht Model Agency and Sicín Studios (voice acting).

Cecilia is a member of the Cabhair Group.


Cecilia Umhal of the Tribe of Sligo was born in 1994 in Scilly as daughter of two craftspeople.

In 2007, she was recruited by Bicíní Industries, but was quickly laid off by the company as she proved to not be a good model, having multiple issues with her bosses - she had found a liking to the camera, though, and soon got hired as a model by the Gníomhaireacht Model Agency. There, she was and is a pin-up girl, appearing in a multitude of calendars over the next decade.

It was there, where someone had the idea of introducing her into the "Adult Movie Business". First, she hesitated, but soon found a liking to it.

In 2015, she was approached to speak some supporting roles for Marla by Sicín Studios, her employer approving of her straying from her paths in order to participate - apparently, her voice acting was met with so much success, that she was taken under contract by Sicín Studios for dubbing and voice acting work. During her time there, she also joined the Cabhair Group in 2017.

In 2019, she accompanied Dísréad to the 2019 Preetz Mittsommer Festival, doing research for her acting debut in 2020's The Singer.




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