Celina Cumann of the Tribe of Waterford is a merchant and representative of the Merchant Guild of Leuda,


Stemming of a family of merchants with eighteen freighters and five other vessels, as well as ten warehouses, Celina had a nice childhood, attending a foreign boarding school as well. She's the third oldest of four children, her two older brothers being distant and her little sister Ava being her beloved little sister. The family also has two Guarding Foxes, Mion and Maorga, who see her and her little sister as their young.

While her father insisted, that she should very soon take over the family business, seeing that she was the only one willing to do so, her mother made her see the world beforehand, financing her 'graduation trip', which went on for three years. During that time, Celina came into deep personal contact with a variety of people, which left her very satisfied along the way.

In 2016, her father got her to start a career with the Merchant Guild of Leuda, where she soon ascended to one of their representatives to foreign occassions.



Celina is openly bi-sexual.

Personal relations


Celina is in good relations with her parents, loves them dearly, but her older brothers are distant at best,

Ava Cumann of the Tribe of Waterford

Celina loves her little sister dearly and she knows, that this is returned in kind.

Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan

Due to Gabha Blacksmiths standing under the authority of the MGoL, Fiona and Celina often have work together, which isn't a bad thing as they are on more then friendly terms, mostly due to their shared friendship with Gwen Cathlong. While Fiona sees her as a 'weird cousin', Celina sees her as a mentor, close friend and confidant.

Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork

Gwen and Celina were friends since childhood,

Gwen's mother, Nora, is Celina's 'godmother' (for the lack of a better term).

Felicia Sciotóg of the Tribe of Monaghan

Felicia and Celina were on multiple

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