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Professor Celina Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan is a Professor and Practical Researcher at the University of Leuda, specialized in Old Selkie History (basically everything before 450). She is known as a trained Archaeologist, competes as a Marcach in Archery on the Local Level, and Adventurer.

On the side, she works as a scientific advisor for the movies about High King Áed the Hunter alongside many of the stars (including Donnchadh Púicín of the Tribe of Wicklow) and the director Rona Stiúrthóir of the Tribe of Wicklow.

Celina is the daughter of the geologist Professor Fynn Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan. Since 2006, she is the owner of Harlann House. Celina is, since 2002, married to Professor Phelan Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan, the couple has three children, Fion (2004), Áed (2007) and Viola (2008).


Celina was born as daughter of Professor Fynn Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan and his wife Alaina in 1980 in Éadan Carraige, a village in the Silver Mountains. Her father was engaged there on prolonged research, his mother along for the ride. Originally, the family stems from Riverwood.

In 1986, Celina began her educational career at the Mullachéibhe Elementary School in Mullachéibhe. The village school did little to sate her curiosity, though, especially after she discovered the local library, which she spent many hours in. In 1990, she proposed establishing a local historical museum to the mayor, who listened to her input with the town council. In 1991, the local Middle School, which Celina attended by then, started a project to that end in cooperation with the University of Leuda.

The project came to fruition in 1993, with Celina as the initiator being named the Honorary President of the Museum Club. She takes that job very seriously.

She graduated in 1999 and began studies at the University of Fortham, studying History in general. Soon, she found her liking for Archaeology and practical research, receiving her first job in the field at the UoF in a field research project in Áth in 2001. There, she got to know Phelan, an older student and her future husband. The two hit off well and but a year later, the two married. In 2002, both made their graduation papers, Phelan for his Master, Celina for her Bachelor, about the dig.

Celina began with her studies for her Master's degree, which were interrupted by the pregnancy for Fion, who she gave birth to in 2004. She made her degree in 2006, starting studies for her doctorate soon after. During the 2007-2008 Winter, Mullachéibhe was cut off from the outside world, Celina and other volunteers working to reach the town and the surrounding villages and reestablish contact.

After some time as a research assistant and a bit of adventure, Celina gave birth to two more children, Áed (2007) and Viola (2008). Two years after Viola's birth, she handed in her request for a dissertation adviser in - at the University of Leuda. She was taken in by Professor Cart, an expert in Ancient Selkie History, and began her work.

In the same year, she was made one of the youngest professors in the History of the Free Lands, at the tender age of 29 - Professor, in this case, as the title of an academic teacher, not yet a scientific title. She began to teach at the University of Leuda. She added her Doctor's Degree in 2013, being named a Professor, this time as an academic title, for her outstanding practical work in 2015.

In 2016, Celina appeared in an episode of The Little Desert Mouse, where she showed the children (and adults) a bit about Archaeology on a dig near Tipa.

After being wounded in an adventure in 2017, she spent the year making her second Doctor Degree, passing in 2018. In that year, she also taught two semesters at the University of Megido in Kyrenaia, collecting foreign experience and playing matchmaker for Ilia Zahf and his future wife Aurelia Farasha (she is invited to the Wedding Feast).

Upon her return home in 2019, she resumed her old post as planned and began to get into giving lectures abroad as a guest lecturer.


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Celina is also known as an adventurer, though her adventures involve less deadly traps and evil goons then media wants one to believe. She sees what she does as another facet of her job, the adventure coming from the areas she explores on her digs, the people and the challenges of nature and science she and her teams face.


Celina is a curious woman, always finding something, which interests her in any history she observes, finding remarkable and fascinating - her job as a teacher, she feels, is to give that curiosity and fascination to her students and anyone interested (and, from time to time, those, who aren't). Her area of expertise, Old Selkie History, is where she excels, but she has other fields of interest, too.

In competitions, she, like many other in the local leagues, participates for the honour and less for the reward, she giving it her all and even more.

Personal Relations

Elin Blaidd, of Tralee Descent and Ritubani Aoi

Elin and Ritu are two students of Celina. She is very interested in Elin's goal especially, and supports her a bit from time to time with sources and tips, where one might find something. She did introduce Ritu to Elin, more by coincidence, and is happy, that it is working out so far.

Áed the Hunter


  • Her looks underwent a retcon on 2018-08-06 and on 2020-06-28.