Celina Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan is a Professor and Practical Researcher at the University of Leuda, specialized in Old Selkie History (basically everything before 450).

She is also the daughter of Professor Fynn Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan.


Due to her mother's influence, Celina got her ears pointed in worship of Alisounos in order to bestow her with the vulpine mountain god's blessings, as usual in her area.

She was made, in 2018, one of the youngest professors in the History of the Free Lands, at the tender age of 23.


Personal Relations

Liv Tine of the Tribe of Wicklow

With Liv and other students of her school, the Professor has a close relationship, mainly because she oftentimes gives guest lectures in the school about a variety of topics. She is also known as the go-to-person of the school outside of the schools structures for troubles on all sorts of things.


  • Her looks underwent a retcon on 2018-08-06.
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