Captain Celina Reathaí of the Tribe of Westmeath is an officer of the SDF-Navy and Captain of the Frigate SDFS Rhiannon.


Celina Reathaí of the Tribe of Westmeath was born in 1978 in Wembury, one of the SDF's most important bases, and daughter to two naval officers - Commander Aonas Reathaí of the Tribe of Westmeath was second in command of SDFS Lodan Lir, when she was sunk in the opening hours of the Second Vellenge War in 1983, her mother Meava reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander before Celina was born.

After the death of her father, Celina was one of the gan athair, one of the fatherless children of officers and soldiers, which died in the Second Vellenge War, and attended school, her mother choosing the Naval School, basically already marking her for a life at sea.

After graduation, in 1999, she immediately joined the SDF-Navy's Officer Training Programme and

In 2013, she was promoted into the rank of Captain,


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