Celina Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth, usually called Cel, is a young woman from Cuan, daughter of a businesspartner of Gabha Blacksmiths Limited and works at the shop of Mister Folaíochta, who breeds and sells Little Black Foxes. She attends the Póraitheoir High School of Cuan, works as a part-time model for Bicíní Industries and occassionally sings at the Cluanaire Inn of Cuan.

Her father, Ciaran Treoraí, plans to marry her off to a competitor's heir, for political and economic gain. Her horse's name is Camfheothan (or Cammy for short).


Born in 2002 in Cuan, Celina is the youngest of the three children of the owners of Treoraí Optics, one of the suppliers of Gabha Blacksmiths Limited (they produce the sights for their weapons), of Ciaran Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth and his wife Finnya. While her older brothers both went into the family business, Cel found her love and passion by accident: She followed a Little Black Fox, who had stolen her yellow ribbon to the shop of an old breeder, Mister Folaíochta, and fell in love with the little animals - that was in 2010.

Before that,

Sometime after her 15th birthday, she began to sing on stage of the Cluanaire Inn in Cuan, together with a few friends, improving her pocket money - she is good, but not professional-levels of good, doing it more for the fun as well.

In the winter of 2017, Celina attended the Archipelago Shooting of Bicíní Industries for the first time.

Purgatio International Academy

In 2018, Celina spent a year abroad in Purgatio, attending the international academy. She visited home and Mister Folaíochta at every given opportunity, though, being very homesick.

During the time at the academy, she saw horrible and scary things, from Purgation Concentration Camps to an abortion clinic forcing its patients to do it, which nearly made her loose it. However, her friend, at the time, Chris kept her from doing something incredibly dumb, especially at the clinic.

Nightmares plagued her ever since then, but she sought to counter-act them by sleeping in the same bed as (not with) Chris for many of the remaining nights of the exchange. After a teary goodbye from her friends, including Chris, she returned home.

Reunited with her love

In the same year, still 2018, Cel made good on her promise to be the host for Chris, should he be the one, who found his way to her homeland first, inviting him to a congress of fox breeders in the Oileánra-Archipelago, which she attended with Mister Folaíochta.

Of course, her attending time of the congress severely dropped during her time with Chris, which all of the members understood and showed much approval for.


In 2019, she attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival as part of the delegation of Bicíní Industries and met Chris again, this time showing him her hometown, including Mister Folaíochta's Shop.


Blazer Style

With friends, in school uniforms.

- very curious (drives her teachers crazy), loving

- Has much of the fox's mischief in her.

- very proud of her hair

- homesick when abroad

- ticklish, especially on her back around her backbone

- very pious, follower of Abhcan

- has nightmares from the time at the Academy

- loves life, especially young life, and honours it deeply

- loves to sing

Personal Relations

Mister Folaíochta and his Little Black Foxes

The old man is more then just an employer to her, he also, as she says, gave her life a meaning beyond attending school. Folaíochta is to her like a good uncle, maybe supplementary father (mainly due to the distance of her own father).

She takes care of the little ones, with a tender mother's care, often being the end of jokes that she is a cluanaire, a vixen - both due to her past sexual attractiveness and due to her station as mother to foxes. It had happened before, that she had actually breastfed the little ones.

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