The Cellule Repubblicane CR-18 Libellula Torpedo Bomber was a torpedo bomber of the Lutetiian Navy for maritime patrol,


- shoulder-wing monoplane, oval fuselage, retractable landing gear

- dive-bombing capable

- T-tail, wings folded back for storage

- four-bladed propeller, powerful flaps and airbrakes

- later equipped with radar

- good visibility from cockpit


- 2x 23mm autocanons, in the wing-roots

- 1x machine gun in the rear cockpit

- 750 kg of bombs, torpedoes or depth charges

Service History

- easy to fly, but with some particularities

- first flight 1939, introduced 1941, withdrawn from service with the Navy by 1963

- still used by flight trainers and for air mail, still in production (small run, CR-18-IX and CR-18-X)

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