Chiara Sacerdotessa is a flamen minores of the Windsinger Sect of Lutetii, as well as their go-to woman for the relations with the Free Lands and its pagan cults.

Although born in the aftermath of the Second Vellenge War and during the Lutetiian Civil War, she was amongst the first delegation of the Windsinger Sect to travel to the Free Lands in 2010. She adopted a child by the name of Luigi in 2018.


Born in 1986 in Zara, Chiara was forced to flee her hometown mere weeks after her brith with her parents, her mother perishing during the flight. Her father, wishing her best, handed her to a boarding school of the Windsinger Sect in 1992, upon her entering school. They stayed in touch and have a good relationship.

Her school career was unremarkable, until she joined the Windsinger Sect in 2004 as a Priestess, shortly after her graduation.


She loves Luigi dearly.

Personal Relations

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