The Children of the Great Woods, in Selkie Foraodaoi, in the language of the Spiorad Amddiffymawr, are an ethnic group within the Free Lands of the Selkie

Usually, the Tribes of Tralee, Wicklow and Conn are often associated with the Children, as are the Spiorad Ainmhithe.

The majority of the Spiorad follow the Paganism of the Spiorad Ainmhithe, but there are also enough Selkie-Pagans among them.



Arts and Architecture

Great Woods Village

Allwr, a small village at the edge of the Great Woods.

The Children of the Great Woods are builders with wood and many variations of it.

Thatched roofs are a staple of architecture of the Children, 


A major piece of the culture of the Children of the Great Woods is their oral tradition of storytelling, known as Dweudaeon. Although the vast majority of these stories were long-since brought to paper, the oral tradition of telling stories of great heroes and their deeds still prevails, especially around campfires.

Style of Dress

CotGW - Archery Training

Archery Training of a small family of Children of the Great Woods (Áiléar House).

The Children of the Great Woods are of distincted by their dress,


The Children cook with what the forest gives them, from venison and other game meat to herbs and other plants, picking with great skill and knowledge.

Pointy Ears


There are around fifteen-thousand people, who call themselves part of the Children, 

One of the most important 

Relationship with the rest of the world

Over the last few decades, the relationship of the Children to the outside world changed remarkably,

Famous Children

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