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The Chisatai are the smaller 'federal states' making up the Realm of Okunaratsuru. They are, mostly, free in their decisions unless said decisions impact another Chisatai or the Realm as a whole. If that is the case, the Chisatai can bring the matter in front of the Council of the Bikusoi, the parliament of Okunaratsuru, where disputes are mediated as well.

The Chisatai range from feudal states to the city states.


List of Chisatai

Currently, there are 23 Chisatai, from

City States (8)

  • Sukiru.
  • Mokushi.
  • Godasai.
  • Anzenwan.
  • Anquawan.
  • Chansai.
  • Roshika.
  • Nanko.

Feudal States (7)

The Feudal States are usually called miyoden, meaning private land, which is based on the ancient concept of the feudal holdings being under the ownership of their holder, which they rented out to vasalls of their own - these days, while a huge part of it is indeed property of the holder of the state, the rights, laws and duties changed, as did the position of the 'vasalls'.

Lands of the Realm (5)

Lands of the Bikuruto (3)

  • Kawahashi.
  • Misho.
  • Sanshima.

Rights and Duties