The Cineál-class Yacht is a luxury yacht and a state-of-the-art pleasure vessel build by Silverport Dockyards Limited, aiming to combine the needs of luxurious relaxation, representation, speed and comfort. Due to the interior construction, please see below, the Cineál-class Yacht can be adapted to any and all needs of style and taste.

As such, the Cineál-class Yacht can be used as a state yacht, if one wishes so.

The Cineál-class Yacht can be ordered in a variety of different interior designs, such as Child of the Great Woods or Art Deco. One of the most famous Cineál-class Yachts must be the representation and testbed vessel of SDY, the Cineál herself.


The Cineál-class Yacht is a classical monohull-design, sleek in the waves, cutting through them like a hot knife through butter. The superstructure spans the entirety of of the width, being sheltered from wind and weather.

The little draught of 4.6 metres allows the Cineál-class Yacht to enter most harbours in the worlds and many natural bays - for those, which can not be entered, as well as for general supply and pleasure runs, the Cineál-class Yacht comes with the installations to carry three dinghies (4.5 x 1.8 metres each) and four jetskies.

In addition, the Cineál-class Yacht has a small flight deck and hangar, capable of supporting one small helicopter - and to store a second on the flight deck itself.

The Cineál-class Yacht comes equipped with a navigation radar, a small hull mounted sonar capable of detecting dangers beneath the surface, like rocks and cliffs, to allow avoiding them.


In today's world, telecommunication is one of the most important things. As such, the Cineál-class Yacht comes with a satellite uplink for television and radio, as well as a second one for internet communication. Both of them have a backup and are completely isolated from the Yacht's systems, so that, if malware is infecting the Yacht, only the telecommunication systems and the Onboard Entertainment Network (OEN) are affected and not systems like the navigation, engines or radar.

Of course, both uplinks are secured with the best anti-malware software the Free Lands can offer, optimized for work in telecommunication systems and an offspring of the system securing the Artio Battlescape Network used on most military vessels of SDY. In addition to that, the Cineál-class Yacht has a small gaming and communications server capable of hosting all kinds of network games.

Access to the Onboard Entertainment Network can be achieved by cable (every stateroom has two LAN-sockets, both dining rooms have four, the grand salon eight, the smaller salon four, the Sundeck five and the owner's suite six) or by wireless connection with four transceivers strewn across the guest areas of the Cineál-class Yacht.


One of the most difficult parts to keep in mind about the construction of a yacht is engine noise: As a yacht is supposed to be a vessel for relaxation, so noise pollution is an important thing to avert.

For that purpose, the Cineál-class Yacht is built with three small diesel generators, providing a total of 10,500 kilowatts of power for propulsion and electrical systems on board. It reduces weight, maintenance costs and is quieter then for example steam engines and gearboxes. For additional noise prevention, the three generators are rested on shock absorbers, making the machinery considerably quieter. Efficient machienery also reduces the noise produced by them.

Deck Layout

The Cineál-class Yacht has six decks, two below the waterline and four above:

Sun Deck: The highest deck is the Sun Deck, built to take a relaxing sun bath, drink a drink made in the small bar or take a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi.
Upper Main Deck: The Upper Main houses the bridge, the owner's suite (including a larger bath and a study) and the remaining staterooms, as well as a dining room with a nice panorama looking over the stern and a salon for dignified (and not so dignified) company. On this floor is a secure room, which can be used as an armory. The outer side is sheltered from winds and weather.

Lower Main Deck: The Lower Main Deck sports the Grand Salon, the Grand Dining Room and the main galley used for cooking for the guests. The Lower Main Deck will usually be the one, where the guests arrive onboard, either by gangway or by landing on the helicopter pad at the stern (the helipad can be used as a outdoor dining area). Smaller staterooms with own baths and without are on the Lower Main Deck as well.

Lower Deck: The Lower Deck houses the majority of the work spaces, like workshops and the docks for the dinghies and jetskis, as well as the quarters for higher-ranked crew-members. A recreational room for the crew is offered as well. The onboard watercraft are docked here with the help of a small docking bay at waterline as well. An exterior swimming platform at the stern and two small changing rooms are for the guests.


Crew Deck: The Crew Deck houses the majority of the facilities of the crew, including their mess and kitchen, laundry rooms, cabins and so on. A few storage rooms are on this deck as well.

Machine Deck: The lowest deck is the machine deck. This deck houses the Diesel Engines for propulsion and electricity, as well as the fuel tanks.

Additional Equipment Sets

VIP Security Package

A Yacht is not only a pleasure vessel, but also a safe refuge. To make it safer, Silverport Dockyards Limited offers to equip the Cineál-class Yacht with a Multi-Ammunition Softkill System (or MASS for short), a torpedo decoy launcher, two SDY-Gabha SG-1 Mark III 30mm Autocannons for self-defense and two safe rooms, one being the owner's suite, the other being the Captain's room.

The Secure Room on the Upper Main Deck will be equipped to serve as an armory.

Submarine Package

The Submarine Package is a rebuild of the docking area for the onboard watercraft, giving up two dinghies in favour of one miniature submersible craft for trips underwater, either alone or with friends. There is enough space for a diesel-electric submersible for up to six people (excluding pilot) going as deep as 350 metres.

In cases of emergency, this submersible can be used as an emergency evecuation craft.


In 2014, the Board of Directors of Silverport Dockyards tasked Yard 15 with the development of a private yacht, which could also be used as a state yacht. Main function would be the use as a private yacht, though.

Yard 15 obliged and developed the Cineál, built in 2015 with tests running until Spring 2016. After that, she is supposed to be used as a representation and demonstration vessel by SDY, fitted with different samples of interior construction for viewing pleasure.

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