The City of Conall Curach is the northernmost city in the Free Lands, and centre of the Criostal Islands. With 5,974 citizens (2018 census), Conall Curach is also the smallest city in the Free Lands.



Conall Curach, much like the Criostal Islands, is known for the swamps and


Climate-wise, Conall Curach is warmer then people usually guess, mainly due to the maritime moderation. The daily mean temperature ranges from 2.4 degrees Celsius in January to 14 degrees in August, with an annual mean of 7.4 degrees Celsius. It rains, on average, on 235 days with an annual precipitation of 2,200 mm.



Water Polices

The Water Polices have a small station in Conall Curach,



Conall Curach has an ice-free port, which also serves as the Winter-Quarters for the 22nd Fast Gunboat Squadron of the SDF-Navy, which is usually stationed in Rua. Several times a year, the SDF-Navy thinks about repositioning the 22nd to Conall Curach, only to usually leave it like it is. Until 1959, the SDF-Navy had a larger, all-season station in Conall Curach, which had its own little air base for seaplanes.

Conall Curach also has a seaplane port, the former sea plane station of the SDF-Navy.


Conall Curach has the only High School on the Criostal Islands, which has two dorms for students not living in the city. The Sáraithe High School has 398 students.


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