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The City of Fortham is the closest thing to a capital the Free Lands have, being seat of the Elder Council and of the government offices.



The City of Fortham is located at the shores of Lake Mór,


Fortham is rounabout 1,500 kilometers away from the Arctic or Northern Polar Circle.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average/Total
Average Temperature (°C) -6 -7 -2.5 3.5 10 14 17.6 15.4 9.5 4.4 -0.5 -4.5
Average Percipitation (mm) 48 34 35 28 43 65 77 75 60 65 58 50


  • Population Fortham-City (2018 census): 12,669.
    • including Hinterlands (2018 census): 81,998


Elder Castle and other government buildings


Fortham Militia


The SDF maintains a sizeable garrison in Fortham, including the Daingean, the SDF-Army Academy, III. Squadron of the 5th Dragan-Regiment, Fortham Army Air Field with the Flight Readiness, as well as the headquarters of the SDF-Army Air Defense Command.


Fortham is also the seat of several major printing houses, for example the Foilsitheoir Printing House.

In 2013, Tine Electric Motorworks Limited was founded in the city and heavily competes with Gabha Motorworks Limited. 320 employees are engaged in the designing and production of electric vehicles. The company also cooperates with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Fortham.

One of the major inns of the City is the Sócúlagh Inn near the University's Scuab Campus.


Roads and Traveling Roads


There are a total of five railway stations in Fortham (Fortham Central, Fortham North, Fortham South, Fortham Harbour and Fortham Freight Terminal), plus a number of tram stations. The outlying villages have small stations of their own, including the Iris Boarding School Complex. From Fortham Central, one can easily reach everywhere in the Free Lands, especially with the Grand Roundway Train.


The Canals

Model and actress Enya Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan in Tracht over one of Fortham's Canals.

Due to being at the shores of Lake Mór and reaching into it at least partially, Fortham is traversed by a network of canals, the Dorghai Uiscil (literally 'watery passageways').


Fortham has a total of three high schools, which cover the surrounding lands as well, although one of them is part of a boarding school, the Iris Boarding School Complex. The other two are the Canáila High School in Downtown Fortham and the Túrfareigh High School at the northern end of town.

Including the Iris Boarding School Complex, there are four Middle Schools in and around Fortham, one of them being the Crannaoig Middle School in Downtown, another being the Scuainer Middle School in Southern Fortham.

University of Fortham

The University of Fortham, UoF for short, is one of the premier universities of the Free Lands, 


The Dywyrwyd

The Dywyrwyd (the name meaning Life-Water in Tafod) is a pub and a favourite hangout of the students of the University, especially of the nearby Scuab Campus.

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