The City of Riverwood, known in Selkie as Adhmaraice, is one of the smaller cities in the Free Lands, usually counted as part of the Mór-Land as it is situated where the Bán River meets Lake Mór. Riverwood is usually counted as one of the 'border cities' between the Great Woods and the Mór-Land.

Famous sons and daughters of Riverwood include, but are not limited to, Isla Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath and the Selkie-Rock Band Dísréad, Ida Feic of the Tribe of Antrim and Ava Fuil of the Tribe of Monaghan. Riverwood is also home to a community of the Spiorad Ainmhithe.




Very harsh winters



Outlying Communities


Caighdeán House

Caighdeán House, in Woodtown.

Woodtown, Adhbaile in Selkie, is a small community and home to Caighdeán House.

Riverwood Militia


The SDF-Army has a garrison within the city, the I./21st Maor-Regiment, plus a few auxiliary units.


Focused on craftsmanship and woodcrafts


Inland Waterways

Seaplane Port



Doire Girls' High School


Branwen Blaidd, of Tralee Descent (right, background), Elin Blaidd, of Tralee Descent (left) in Culaith mHairnéalaigh Style School Uniforms, as well as Nia Sneachtúil, of Cefnffordd Descent.

The Doire Girls' High School is one of the most esteemed institutes of learning for Young Female Adults in the Free Lands,

The Doire has a small Boarding School Section.


Within Selkie-Cuisine, Riverwood is known for its pork on the forestries, smoked over local wood.

Riverwood has a deserved reputation as a center of Selkie-Rock, being home to one of the first bands developing it, and to one of the most successful bands of the last few years, namely Dísréad.

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