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The City of Silverport (Caladairgid in Selkie) is one of the centres of the Free Lands, it's culture, industry and way of life. It is one of the major cities of the Silver Bay.



Not too far away from the city, the Socair River and the Iasc River flow into the Silver Bay.

Surrounding Communities

  • Village of Críochfort.



Silverport Militia


Silverport is home to one of the largest suppliers of work in the Free Lands, namely Silverport Dockyards Limited. SDY operates 64 shipyards and its main facilities in Silverport. Of SDY's 20,000 employees in the Free Lands, 8,339 work in Silverport (2018).

The Silver Bay Herald has its headquarters in Silverport.


Silverport International Airport

Silverport is home to one of the three international airports in the Free Lands, two runways, a few hangars, a tower and a terminal.

The Terminal is built in typical Selkie-Fashion, with a large door leading in and out, bare stone walls, posts with flight dates and advertisements on them. True to style, these are manually updated. Wooden floors, made of dark wood, gave the terminal a welcoming feeling, as did the post of customs officers, which stood by the small gateway officially leading into the Free Lands. A small waiting zone with two counters, one for drinks and food, the other for information, was established in the inside.

Silveport International also houses a small detachment of the Naval Aviation Command.


University of Silverport

One of the universities of the Free Lands, the University of Silverport is specialized in engineering,

Two of the sports teams of the UoS have made quite a splash in the Free Lands, namely the University of Silverport Marcach Team and the University of Silverport Chokanna-Kata Team.

Ais Boarding School Complex

Mona Tairseach of the Tribe of Wexford in winter school uniform of the Ais High School.

Technically not placed in Silverport itself, but on the Ard Heights a bit north of the City, roundabout three kilometres from the city centre, the Ais Boarding School Complex is one of the most renown boarding schools in the Free Lands, it's graduates almost guaranteed to succeed in life.

The uniform of the Ais High School is meant to be and worn as a mark of honour as it is awarded to students for outstanding acadmic, personal or athletic achievements in the name of the school, thus honouring the name of it and oneself.


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