The City of Traverse, Trasnóir in Selkie, is the largest city on Farpoint Island, and the centre of that Island.

One of Traverse's nicknames is 'City of Blacksmiths', which has its reason in the long-standing tradition of blacksmithery in the city, reaching back into the Dark Ages.





Traverse Militia

Naval Station Traverse

The only presence of the SDF in Traverse is Naval Station Traverse, which, due to the exposed place of the city, is rather strong, Traverse serving as the starting point for many patrols.


Economically, the largest supplier of work and workers is Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, which has their major facilities and most important offices being in Traverse and the nearer surroundings, including the artillery firing range.

Additionally, Traverse is the place of a small branch of the New Visayan Company and shipwright Victoria Shipyards, which maintains a tradition of sending yachts on their shakedown to Traverse for their seakeeping test.

Victoria Shipyards Traverse

Victoria Shipyards from the Confederation of New Visayan Islands maintains a small shipyard in Traverse, mostly used to receive vessels on shakedown cruises.



Temple School


Ida Ardscoil of the Tribe of Wicklow (left) with Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth, Temple School of Traverse.

The Lodan Lir Temple of Traverse has established and maintains one of the oldest temple schools in the Free Lands,


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