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The City of Wembury is a major city in the Free Lands, renown for the Wembury Channel and the major station of the SDF-Navy, but also known as a city of artists and musicians.


  • 914: Sack of Wembury by warriors of Crarae and Silverport.


  • 983 km from Fortham.



Water Polices

Wembury is home to the Water Police Coordination Office, which is the highest command, control and coordination authority of the Water Polices. The city itself maintains a small force of patrol vessels.

The Daggermaidens of Abhcan

Naval Station Wembury

Wembury is home to a major part of the SDF-Navy, which uses the strategically important harbour to their advantage by stationing the majority of their vessels within the area. After 2016, many of the larger units of the SDF-Navy have their homeport there, most famously SDFS Maor, one of the Navy's Sealgaire-class Helicopter Carriers, and her battlegroup, as well as both the 1st and 2nd Frigate Squadrons and the 1st Cruiser Squadron.

Wembury is also home to the Wembury Army Air Field, , which is co-used with the SDF-Navy, the II./23rd Maor, and of the Naval School.


One of the most important providers of work is Silverport Dockyards Limited, which has facilities within the city, having taken them from the Caillte Maritime Solutions Engineering Office before expanding upon that foundation.


Wembury has a number of bridges spanning the Channel, most famous of which is the Lovers' Bridge, named after two statues of Liliane and Cormac. With direct access to the railway system by three railway stations, a major harbour and a seaplane port, the city is easily reached.

The Wembury-Channel

Heart of the city's economic capabilities, however, is the Channel, which connects the Great Sea with the Silver Bay, cutting right through the city. First phases of construction are usually dated to the 8th century BCE, with the Channel expanding and being expanded time and time again.

The Channel is protected at its mouth by Tréhelach Castle, a Clódún. The fortification is the seat of the Commandant of the Naval Station Wembury and several of the subordinate offices.



Wembury is home of a number of famous musicians and bands, amongst them the Rockband Ard and the Folkrock Band Stopaire, as well as the musicians Caja Glór of the Tribe of Laois and Shane Domhain of the Tribe of Monaghan.

Other famous artists of the Free Lands with their origins here are

Contrary to popular belief, actress Gwen Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork was born in Wembury, but her family is from the area around the City of Riverwood.

The Grand Temple of Abhcan

Wembury is home to the principal temple of the Cult of Abhcan, Goddess of Arts and Music.

FC Wembury

Mairin Leann of the Tribe of Monaghan, Ambassador of the Free Lands,in jersey of FC Wembury.

FC Wembury is one of the currently top performing football clubs in the Free Lands, six of its players being part of the Foireann. Wembury also boasts the largest football stadium in the Free Lands, Caid Park Stadium with a capacity of around 6,000 people.

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