The Cluanaire Inn, sometimes referred to as the Vixen Inn or Vixen's Inn, in Cuan is a Selkie-Inn owned by Finnegan Úinéir of the Tribe of Louth,

It has a reputation as catering to a more tightly knit community, which is hard to get into. However, the Cluanaire Inn also known as an inn offering 'Additional Services', with beautiful and skilled staff.


In the long centuries of Cuan's History, the Cluanaire Inn was the unofficial meeting and hiding spot of the Feallmharfóir Guild, the Assassins, and of other people one sought out for specific jobs, but never of criminals. Getting

In the evening, of the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival, the Models of Bicini Industries and their friends, as well as other patrons, celebrated the Spring.

Building and Location

Located in one of the less-often frequented streets of Cuan, the entrance is well-hidden, actually going downstairs into the Basement. Down there is the restaurant, while the rooms and

The building itself, half-timbered like most of Cuan, wraps itself around an inner courtyard, which is rarely used to eat outside (only for Spring Festivals and Harvest Festivals and during some special days in summer).

Music Acts

Amongst the musicians playing there, Celina Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth enjoys a bit of a cult-following, her and her friends not being at it for the money, but for the joy of playing music - herself singing.

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